Hîncești district (Republic of Moldova)

The official signing of the Cooperation Agreement between Maramureș County and Hîncești District took place online on Thursday, 10th of September 2020, in the Administrative Palace from Baia Mare and Historical-Architectural Complex "Manuc-Bey", Hîncești.
Hîncesti district is located in the central part of the Republic of Moldova, covering an area of 1483.4 km, approximately 4.6% of the country's territory.
The city of Hîncești was a component part of Lăpușna County, which as an administrative-territorial unit, dates from the second half of the 17th century. Through the old Lăpușna settlement, also called Vama Veche, passed the only accessible trade route "Moldovan Road", which represented the gateway to Europe. Hîncești district was established in the current structure in 2003.

The number of inhabitants of the district is about 112.5 thousand people. Hincesti district has 63 localities, including 1 municipality - Hincești and 62 villages. There are 39 town halls in its territorial-administrative structure. The average number of inhabitants assigned to a village or commune town hall is from 600 to 5,000 inhabitants and up to 17,000 inhabitants in the city of Hîncești. The total area of the district is 147,213 ha.

Hîncești borders Romania through the Albița International Auto Customs. Hincesti district is crossed by a series of international motorways (M-21 Balkans (Poltava (Ukraine) - Chisinau - Leuseni - Romania), R-3 (Hincesti - Basarabeasca - Ukraine), M-3 (Chisinau - Hincesti) - Giurgiulesti - Romania (Ukraine)).

Among the level II administrative-territorial units in the Republic of Moldova, according to the land area, it ranks third in the country, being surpassed only by the Gagauzia U.A.T. (184,845 ha) and the Cahul district (154,528 ha). Territorially, Hincesti District borders the districts of Ialoveni, Cimişlia, Leova, Nisporeni, Strășeni.

More information are available here: https://hincesti.md/category/descopera-tinutul-hincesti/descopera-tinutul-hincesti-video


The official signing of the Cooperation Agreement

The official signing of the Cooperation Agreement between Maramureș County and Hîncești District took place on September 10th, 2020. The festivity hold online, in Zoom format in the conference room of the Royal Palace within the Historical-Architectural Complex "Manuc-Bey" and at the same time in the “Bogdan-Vodă” hall from the Administrative Palace, the headquarters of Maramureș County Council from Baia Mare (Romania).
During the event, the president of the Maramureș County Council, Gabriel Valer ZETEA and the president of the Hîncești District Council, Iurie LEVINSCHI highlighted the undeniable importance of this act, the opportunities it opens, the possibilities of the tangible approaches of the administrations from Hîncești District and Maramureș County, of the connections between small and medium companies, of different economic branches and guilds, cultural-artistic fields, folk artists, craftsmen or sportsmen.

The video of the event with the ceremony of signing the cooperation agreement can be found here: https://youtu.be/XTrmA65RAAg

Common activities within the twinning relation

Participation in the event "Days of Maramureș - Come on, over to Maramureș!" The fifth edition was organized by Maramureș County Council between May 17th-19th, 2019, in which Hincesti District was the guest of honour, along with other delegations from Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, but also from Straseni District, Republic of Moldova through representatives of the Cultural Centre “Fireplace". The folk music orchestra "Cimbrișor" of the Art School "Timotei BĂTRÂNU" from Hîncești, evolved within the International Folklore Festival for young people "I was and I will be", organized by the Children's Club from Sighetul Marmației, on 16th-20th of May 2019, as an integral part of the "Maramureș Days 2019", obtaining the prize for the first place.
Summer camp for 15 children from educational institutions from Hincesti district organized in Maramures County. The children from Hîncești participated in the International School Camp, held at the booth of the School Sports Club no. 2 from Izvoare resort, between 1st- 6th August 2019. The camp held in a picturesque and comforting place was organized by Maramureș County School Inspectorate with financial support from Maramureș County Council. During the week, recreational, sports and cognitive activities were harmoniously combined directly in the camp and surroundings, which simply delighted the children, with visits to various historical-tourist and ethnographic destinations, without leaving anyone impassive.
The jubilee musical-choreographic show - “30 years since the Declaration of the Romanian Language as a State Language -“ Ode to the Romanian Language! ”, Took place in Hîncești between 29th- 31st August 2019, being organized by the Culture and Tourism Department within Hincesti District Council. A group of 17 children attended the event from Borșa, Maramureș County, who performed on the stage of the District House of Culture in Hîncești.
The event "Republic of Moldova Presents" - Baia Mare, 1st edition, organized between 27th-29th September 2019, won over the public from Maramureș County through its guests. The event took place in the "Lascăr PANĂ" Sports Hall in Baia Mare, together with producers from all over the country.

“Produs de Hîncești” stood out this time as well by presenting exquisite and special products. Visitors from Maramureș had the opportunity to discover Hincesti district by tasting wines and cheeses, table grapes, cereal and fruit bars, sunflower seeds, the skill of folk artisans, oil plants, oils, as well as by presenting one of the most imposing tourist attractions in the district - Manuc-Bey Mansion Historical-Architectural Complex.

The exhibition was organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova, in partnership with the National Office of Vine and Wine, Maramureș Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the support of Maramureș County Council and brought together local economic agents in the field of agri-food, textiles, winemakers, peasant households and artisans.
The Christmas event in Maramureș 2019 reached its 11th edition and was celebrated with friends from Hîncești. The spectators and participants present at the Village Museum in Baia Mare were delighted by the “Busuioc” Amateur Folk Ensemble of the Sărata Galbenă House of Culture, as well as by other folk groups from the fraternal regions that presented traditions, carols and Christmas customs kept on their native land. The Hîncești District Council was honoured by the invitation to participate in the “Christmas in Maramureș” event, thus contributing to the consolidation of cultural and friendly relations between the respective administrative entities at district and county level.
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