Assembly of European Regions (ARE)

Our county is an active member of this organisation since 1997, altogether with 300 European regions. One of its largest scale event has been represented by the AER Summer Academy, and the 2006 and 2018 editions were hosted by Maramureș county. Over the years, our county was actively involved in several AER projects like CENTURIO financed under INTERREG III C Program, and managed to be reward for having the most successful promotion campaign. The cooperation gave the opportunity for our county to identify cooperation partners and future initiatives to be materialized in projects under INTERREG IV C financing program, like: Mini Europe, MORE4NRG, Climact Regions, Smart Europe and Regions4Green Growth and most recent ones, still under implementation like FoodChains 4 Europe and Reduces, financed within INTERREG EUROPE.
Some of the highlights in Maramures county’s cooperation with AER:
Representatives of Maramureș County Council and the president of the Students Association of Maramureș participated to the 2019 AER Summer Academy, in Novi Sad (Serbia), where the focus was: “Youth is our future, youth is Europe”. Our county’s contribution was sharing its experience in a presentation dedicated to: “Youth as the key to eco development”.
Our county was present in March 2019, to the spring plenaries of AER committees in Orebro, Sweden. Our representatives were actively involved in the working groups dedicated to climate change and energy and the ones dedicated to transport and mobility. Maramures was officially awarded ”Shine Bright” prize for its efforts to put in value the cultural patrimony during the 2018 AER Summer Academy from Maramures.
The 2018 Autumn plenaries, that took place in September 2018, in Novi Sad – the autonomous region of Vojvodina, Serbia. Our county had an active contribution within Committee 2 for social politics and public health by sharing experience related to the theme of : ”Social enterprises, a means for social inclusion”.
2018 AER Summer Academy

Maramures was the host of the 2018 AER Summer Academy, organized between the 6th-11th of August. 2018 was declared the year of European Cultural Patrimony and consequently was the main focus of the event, highlighting the opportunities that the cultural patrimony represents for increasing the regional attractiveness. The event benefited from the participation of more than 100 adults and youth from AER member countries like: Sweden, Norway, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switerzland Germany, Serbia, and Croatia.

As a memento of this event, a building from the urban landscape of Baia Mare has been painted in a joint vision by Belgian and local artists.
The 2018 spring Plenaries and the reunion of the Summer Academy organization committee in March 2018, in Arad (Ro), gave the opportunity to introduce the focus for the future Summer Academy in Maramures.
The AER General Assembly from Sankt Pölten (Austria), between 31st of May – 2nd of June 2017, reunited member regions to elect the new leading structures of the organization. Maramures took the opportunity to announce its candidacy for organizing the 2018 Summer Academy taking into consideration its former experience and the celebration of 100 years since the union that marked the formation of modern Romania.
The 2017 autumn plenaries were organized in Nancy (France) in September 2017. The meeting set up the frame for a debate related to ”The Future of Culture in the Digital Age”. The experience of our county was presented in a successfully implemented project by our coordinated institution – the Astronomy Complex of Baia Mare, dedicated to the promotion of traditional Romanian constellations.
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